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Kostengünstige, professionelle Umzüge – wie geben Ihnen Tipps, wie Sie Geld

29. August 2013

Many people believe did the cheapest way to make a move did is easy to organize a truck and doing everything yourself. If, HOWEVER, once Considering how expensive petrol costs and the insurance are as valuable to use is your time, and thatthere is therefore The Possibility did you want to make broken things When moving - well then You Should yourmove Necessarily for a professional moving company to draw consideration,: such as relocation Basel or Basel removals .

If you want to get into the merit of an experienced, professional team and in addition also want to save money, you should do the following:

Sort of.

Check out piece by piece, your possessions and decide now and again if you still want to keep it or not. If you have not used something for a year, the chances are great that you will not use it again. Less stuff means less time to pack and a smaller van. So it's worth.

Fixed price or pay by the hour

A moving company can offer you both a fixed price, as well as a Persi per hour. If you have to move a lot and maybe even pull further away, a fixed price offers. If the transporter is then stuck in traffic, for example, you do not need the extra.

Unpack itself

If you are paying by the hour, you should not move until the last minute packing up. Boxes that need to be packed at the last minute, often need more time than planned and if you have already packed everything ready before arrival of the moving team, you save yourself time and money.

Choose the right service from

There are moving companies, complete organize the whole parade and perform or simply just offer the service of transport to. That all depends. Also ask about the size of the team that will be available on moving day.

Compare prices you

Let us make several moving companies offers. Ask about insurance and whether it also contained a rate per km. Ask about how many working hours are included in the offer.

Cheap is not necessarily good

The cheapest offer must not necessarily be the best. Make sure that your chosen moving company is licensed and trusting. Otherwise, your move could be more expensive than expected.

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